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What students are saying...

Karen Peterson, LMSWUnfortunately, there are no true measure of words that can describe the assistance that you have provided to me.   As I began my journey alone into the Doctoral program, I found that I had limited support and /or assistance from those around me, yet I was determined to push myself forward. Some months later, I was blessed to meet you.  You immediately demonstrated kindness, compassion and an open heart towards me and my conundrum with my pursuit towards obtaining a higher level of education. You have been calm in the wake of my storms. I have, as a scholar practitioner, been able to complete posts and research papers/ assignments, due to you taking out your time to assist me with greater comprehension about what is being asked of me.  Your educational skill set, procedures/practices, ethical standards and abilities are beyond comparison, bar none.   Anyone who seeks assistance from you, undoubtedly will benefit from the creation of your consulting business. It is what your ordained to do.

James JohnstonTaz & Co Consulting is a very competent dissertation coaching service. They are thorough and guide clients through each phase of the dissertation process. I am a client and highly recommend this service.

Brandi WinfreyIf you are looking for a dissertation coach who has your best interest at heart, look no further than Dr. Tadzia Dennis. From the moment I met her, it was clear she is wholeheartedly committed to helping doctoral candidates realize their dreams.  If you want a dissertation coach who will guide and challenge you, Dr. Dennis is perfect for the job. She brings a wealth of knowledge and experience to her role as a facilitator in your process. Her determination and work ethic are unmatched. She is people-centered and seeks to individually motivate those under her leadership in ways best suited for them. Sure, there are hundreds of other people and agencies offering consulting or coaching services for doctoral students, but none of them are as passionate or driven to see you succeed as Dr. Dennis.